Crystal Good Rider


Crystal Good Rider grew up on the Piikani Nation - part of the Blackfoot Confederacy - until she was 18 years old. Her Blackfoot name is “iidoomestayaiiki” (Dives First Woman). Crystal’s parents are Judy Wings-Crop Eared Wolf & Chris Good Rider. Her maternal grandparents are Ruth Wings & Pat Crop Eared Wolf from the Fish Eater Clan, and paternal grandparents are Madeleine & Hector Good Rider from the Lonefighter Clan.

Crystal graduated University with a combined degree (B.Ed./B.A.) in 2004 and obtained her Master's in Educational Leadership in 2010. She has enjoyed teaching, and interacting with students for the past 18 years. She is an Education Consultant who provides workshops on Indigenous Education in Southern Alberta Schools. Crystal is also an accredited fashion designer through the Visual College of Art & Design in Vancouver, BC.

In November of 2021, Crystal was appointed to the First Nations Women’s Council on Economic Security by the Alberta Government’s Minister of Indigenous Relations. The work of this council is to make life safer for Indigenous women and girls, and to achieve greater economic security for Indigenous women, their families and communities.