Connolly Tate-Mitchell

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Connolly is a graduate of the U of L with a B.A. in General Humanities and also of Lethbridge College with a diploma in Communication Arts majoring in Print Journalism.

As an introvert and an INFP – an idealist looking for the good in people and situations – she sees the potential for a better future for the community, and believes United Way is an organization that will make a difference.

Connolly’s creativity and communication skills are put to good use designing printed materials and graphics, writing news stories, arranging details for events and working with local media to spread the word about United Way events and programs. You’ll also see her at Lethbridge Hurricanes home games where she will almost never sell you the winning raffle ticket.

In her spare time, Connolly enjoys trying out new recipes, snapping photos to post to social media and drinking excessive amounts of coffee.