Events are for Having Fun and Making Friends!

Enjoying unique events with friends and family members is a great way to support your community! During the United Way year, we work with partners and our member agencies to bring you opportunities that are not only a fun time, but that help us to grow and better our community.

Whether it’s golfing in our annual tournament, putting yourself in new shoes in a poverty simulation, or taking part in one of many co-hosted fundraising events, we do our best to make sure to provide interesting, worthwhile opportunities to have fun and learn more about how we can improve our community by working together.

Events Calendar

  Our city is affectionately known as last-minute Lethbridge. Why? Because we have a knack for pulling off an event, filling an arena, or simply making things work when we're down to the last possible minute... With the last day of the year rapidly approaching, United Way's Last-Minute Lethbridge... more