Who we are

United Way of Lethbridge and South Western Alberta

As one of the 119 member organizations of United Way of Canada-Centraide since 1941, we are able to make an impact not only here in Lethbridge, but as far South as the Canadian-US border, the County of 40-Mile to the East, West to Pincher Creek and North to Claresholm.

We are able to provide funding and support for registered charities who fall under our three areas of focus:


From Poverty to Possibility From Poverty to Possibility From Poverty to Possibility


What We Do

We accept donations on behalf of all registered charities and distribute key local funding through our donor-supported Community Fund.

Each year, the Community Fund is distributed to local organizations to run programs that make daily life better for people in our community. In addition we processed thousands of donations on behalf of other registered Canadian Charities.

Click here for a list of local organizations and programs we provided funding for last year.

Our Partners

We are passionate about making our community a strong and vibrant place for everyone to live. To make this happen we are so glad to have great partners who believe in our community.

We have many great & unique partners that include:

  • The Organizations We Fund
  • The Southern Alberta Businesses We Work With
  • The Individual Volunteers and Donors That Make It All Possible

To find out more about our partners please visit our funded agency profile page or check our our donor/volunteer appreciation section.